Barb Schwarz Interviewed by Rita de Miranda, President of the APHS Staging Association in Portugal

‘Barb is THE inspiration, I look up to her for many years. Only in my dreams, I imagined I could ever speak to her. In the beginning of 2021, I felt the Portuguese Real State Market needed to have an association to help the real state agents to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, so I cried the APHS – Association of Portuguese Home Stagers. I reached out to Barb Schwarz just hopping to have a small incentive to help motivate the Home Stagers in Portugal to become members of the APHS. When I was writing the email I decided to reach to the starts and ask Barb to do an interview. I was very honoured because she kindly said yes. I still can’t believe that Barb is helping promoting the Home Staging here in Portugal and for helping our Portuguese Association. It is a privilege to have Barb in our website and helping us.
Thank you so much Barb!’
Rita de Miranda
President of APHS

Some of The Members of APHS shared These Words

  • It is a great honour to have the creator of Home Staging talking to our Association.

  • Barb is the true inspiration

  • What a big privilege to our association to have Barb speaking to us.

  • When we see someone speaking from the heart, we are truly blessed.

  • Now I understand how Home Staging was created.

  • I am so honoured and grateful for having you in my life!!!